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N.J. Muslim group condemns extremists, calls for reform

News - on 20th Apr, 2016

In the 1960s, his Jewish parents converted to Islam, and after he was born, he followed their adopted faith.

Defining 'True Islam' in the face of terrorism

News - on 20th Apr, 2016

NEW BRUNSWICK - On Tuesday evening, The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community invited the public to a seminar about its TrueIslam initiative, a global campaign to counter the extreme jihadism of Al Qaeda and ISIS, which the non-Muslim world tends to equate [...]

The relationship between religion and violence

News - on 9th Mar, 2016

The Chehalem Cultural Center will host Christianity and Islam experts for public forum 'Not in the Name of My Religion'

Local Muslim group aims to debunk extremist ideology

News - on 4th Mar, 2016

A local Muslim group is seeking greater community engagement to debunk the extremist religious ideology being pursued by terrorist organizations including ISIS.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: Effective Advocacy on Religious Freedom

News - on 3rd Mar, 2016

Last week, Ahmadiyya Muslims held a briefing on Capitol Hill to counter extremist narratives.

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