Muhammed Chaudhry: Giving thanks for an extraordinary mother

Just five weeks earlier we were laughing and arguing as mother and son often do. But on Oct. 22, 2015 I hugged my mother, Amatul Karim Nusrat Chaudhry, for the last time.  On Sept. 14 all appeared well. On Sept. 17 we discovered end stage cancer in her liver, rapidly spreading throughout her abdomen. By [...]

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Challenging The ISIS And Islamophobe Narrative On Islam

In the wake of the recent Paris attacks, new atheist writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali is screaming out at her loudest again. "Islam needs reform," she insists. But is she right? We must understand that Muslims are not a monolith. They come in all colors and sects. I, for instance, identify with the Ahmadiyya sect of [...]

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Islam stands for peace, not violence

Another day, another terrorist attack orchestrated by the perverted group called ISIS. The religion to which I adhere, Islam, stands for peace. It is once again under the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons. How could ISIS justify the Paris attack, which killed nearly 150 innocent souls, and the Beirut bombing last week as [...]

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Syrian Refugees are not terrorists, ISIS is

  There are millions of Syrian refugees who are longing for a glimmer of hope to breathe freely, to live a respectable life and to be able to give their children a better future than the dismal situation they find themselves in. A single act of insanity like the French attack may jeopardize the chances [...]

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ISIS is not and will never be true Islam

UCLA law professor, Mr. Amjad Mahmood Khan decries the popular perception in today’s 24 hours news cycle and social media that associate Islam with acts of terrorism. These acts, he noted, were disproportionately emphasized and singled out a recent New York Times report that suggested that after 2001, non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims killed [...]

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