The relationship between religion and violence

Through its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration, the Chehalem Cultural Center seeks to connect the Newberg community, in a meaningful way, to the critical issues of race, diversity and tolerance in this country. That event is the product of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day committee, which aims to bring the voice of [...]

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From the community: Paradise lies under the feet of mothers

My grandmother, a middle school graduate, was married in her teens. Though physically young at the time of her marriage she was ready to take the responsibility of her new household. Ignoring her young age she as a mother marvelously bore all the pain in raising her children. That teenager turned her house into a [...]

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Local Muslim group aims to debunk extremist ideology

A local Muslim group is seeking greater community engagement to debunk the extremist religious ideology being pursued by terrorist organizations including ISIS. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Metro Detroit held its second annual “Stop The CrISIS” seminar at the Rochester Hills Public Library on Wednesday “to address the differences between ISIS and Islam through [...]

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The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: Effective Advocacy on Religious Freedom

Last week, Ahmadiyya Muslims held a briefing on Capitol Hill to counter extremist narratives. In front of a full room, almost a dozen Members of Congress talked about their support for religious freedom and their appreciation for the unveiling of a program designed to theologically refute ISIS. After the event, over 100 visits to Congressional [...]

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