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Lake County Muslims spread message of peace

Tired of having the television media paint a skewed picture of Islam, the global Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is taking its message of peace straight to the American people. As part of its nationwide "Muslims for Peace" campaign, the oldest Muslim-American organization in the United States has covered 100 buses with signs promoting peace. Saturday, in [...]

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Muslims for Peace to Visit Delmar Loop Tomorrow Afternoon

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will be out in the Delmar Loop tomorrow afternoon starting at 4:30 p.m. to distribute leaflets about their "Muslims for Peace" campaign. The leaflet will dispel myths about Islam, namely that all Muslims are terrorists embroiled in a holy war. "We teach that there's no such thing as jihad of the sword," says Saima [...]

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Muslim group spreads message of peace

Twelve-year-old Raza Rahman deals with the negative perception many Americans have against Muslims on a daily basis, he said. Classmates tease him about bringing bombs to school and the terrorist jokes never end. "I pretty much have gotten used to it," Raza said. "That's all they have to bring up to me. I've gotten most [...]

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Minority Muslim group reaches out

Faysal Sohail was implausibly cheerful as the crowds streamed past him on Market Street, most people completely ignoring the pamphlets he was trying to pass out. “Can I give you a message of peace?” he repeated over and over, getting mostly blank stares in return. Occasionally, someone would accept one of Sohail’s brochures — the [...]

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Persecuted Muslim Sect Uses Brochure Campaign to Push for Peace

Qasim Rashid squinted through his sunglasses and pointed toward the Kamikaze ride and the Curly Fries stand, shimmering under the August sun at the Wisconsin State Fair. “Team of two,” he said to several of the eight young men gathered around him. “That way.” After the rest of the volunteers had departed in pairs, each [...]

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