The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: Effective Advocacy on Religious Freedom

Last week, Ahmadiyya Muslims held a briefing on Capitol Hill to counter extremist narratives. In front of a full room, almost a dozen Members of Congress talked about their support for religious freedom and their appreciation for the unveiling of a program designed to theologically refute ISIS. After the event, over 100 visits to Congressional [...]

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Recently in Morocco, more than 200 Islamic personalities from more than 120 countries gathered at a conference to discuss minority rights in the Muslim world.  The meeting culminated with the drafting of the Marrakesh Declaration, calling upon Muslim scholars, politicians, thought leaders, and cultural figures to address the plight of religious minorities in Muslim countries. [...]

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Ahmadiyya Mosque Vandalism

    Pictures of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Baitus-Salaam Mosque in Hawthorne   Media Coverage: SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTINGS: Vandalisms at Hawthorne mosques are under investigation Press-Enterprise - ‎ HAWTHORNE (AP) — Two mosques in the city of Hawthorne were vandalized Sunday, Dec. 13, with paint, and a fake grenade was left in the driveway of one of the properties, police said, adding that the FBI [...]

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Voices: Muslim families play key role in anti-terrorist fight

ALLEN, Texas — Saima Sheikh doesn’t look the part of an American freedom fighter. There’s no gun holstered to her shoulder. No bombastic rhetoric in her speech. She’s a housewife in this Dallas suburb who drives her son to school each morning and goes grocery shopping on weekends. Click here to continue reading.  Originally posted at

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