From the community: Paradise lies under the feet of mothers

My grandmother, a middle school graduate, was married in her teens. Though physically young at the time of her marriage she was ready to take the responsibility of her new household. Ignoring her young age she as a mother marvelously bore all the pain in raising her children. That teenager turned her house into a [...]

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Muslim Detained on a Flight: I’m Your Biggest Ally

I’m a Muslim American. On Nov. 15, two days after the Paris attacks, I boarded a plane from Newark to Houston. I had just returned from a formal event, so I was wearing a plain white “shalwar,” a shirt that stops at the knees and is commonly worn by South Asians. As is my routine, [...]

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Muslims empower youth to live Islam’s true values

While serving Thanksgiving meals as a volunteer at a local community center, a fellow volunteer remarked “So you are doing the ‘American’ thing?’ ” Taken aback, I politely elaborated on how being American is perfectly congruent to being a Muslim. It was not a clichéd reply. My organization, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, is engaged in dozens [...]

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