Congress Members Welcome the True Islam Campaign to Combat Terrorism

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA announced the True Islam and the Extremists campaign on Capitol Hill today. Seven Congress Members and a State Department representative attended to publicly announce their support of this unprecedented effort to combat terrorism and improve national security. Staff of Congressional offices, NGOs, local city and state officials, members of law enforcement and faith leaders were in attendance as well.

The True Islam campaign uses the Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s example to effectively rebut 11 common misconceptions about Islam that extremists use to radicalize youth. These 11 points include Islam’s correct view on freedom of speech, religious freedom, and women’s rights.

“I’m very proud to be a supporter of your campaign. The True Islam campaign is so important,” said Representative Mike Honda (D-CA), “President Obama asked us to unite against ISIS. This is the answer to the President.”

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