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America’s Largest Muslim Community Welcomes President Obama’s First Mosque Visit

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA seeks to strengthen interfaith relations

Muslim Detained on a Flight: I’m Your Biggest Ally

I’m a Muslim American. On Nov. 15, two days after the Paris attacks, I boarded a plane from Newark to Houston. I had just returned from a formal event, so I was wearing a plain white “shalwar,” a shirt [...]

Muslims empower youth to live Islam’s true values

While serving Thanksgiving meals as a volunteer at a local community center, a fellow volunteer remarked “So you are doing the ‘American’ thing?’ ” Taken aback, I politely elaborated on how being American is perfectly congruent to being a Muslim. [...]

Does the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Speak for Islam? A Response to Dr. Stephen Kirby’s Implication

Dr. Stephen M. Kirby is a noted bigot whose mission is only to spread hatred of Muslims. He makes no bones about his hatred for Islam or Muslims. His stated goal is to prove that the violence committed [...]

Murder in the name of Islam: Guest commentary

Another act of terrorism rips through the headlines but this one hits far too close to home.