Muslim branch seeks to explain controversial position

One of the area's smaller Muslim communities, persecuted in some parts of the world, is taking part in a national campaign called Muhammad Messenger of Peace.

The Ahmadiyya community wants to explain the structured knowledge system of Islam, the Quran, the Hadith (the collected sayings of Muhammad), and the collected wisdom of Islamic scholars over the centuries. It is part of a campaign spread across 73 chapters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. 

Dr. Nasir Khan says it is important both within the wider Muslim community and in the nation at large to explain his branch of Islam, one not accepted by all who profess Islam. Khan says his Islamic branch is different in some ways, like belief that the Messiah has already arrived.

Khan says his religion is very controversial within Islam. He says the goal isn't to have an argument with anyone, but rather to explain.

"We're not here to argue. We are here to present the true teachings that Prophet Muhammad brought to this world. Our purpose is to inform, educate, and answer questions, if they have any. But, we are not here to debate or go into an argument," Khan says.

Khan says he's freer to practice his religion here than in his home country of Pakistan where the government won't admit his community is Muslim.

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