An interpretation of dreams

Dreams, they are an uncertain yet intriguing dimension. The question is, however, are they simply insignificant ramblings of our own incoherent thoughts lying, apparently, dormant in our subconscious, or are they secret eye-opening communications from unseen worlds that we merely just don’t understand? Maybe both, but who’s really to say? Does the answer lie with [...]

2012-11-08T01:23:51-05:00 Op-Ed|

Eid-ul- Adha and Abraham’s sacrifice

We all know of the upright Patriarch and “Friend” of the Divine (4:126), Abraham (on him is peace), of whom we find an honorable mention in almost every religion. So what’s so special about him? Well, the answer lies within a special commemoration being observed these very days by over one third of the world’s [...]

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